Admission Process

M.Ed. Admission Requirements

Formal consideration for admission to the Master's of Education (M.Ed.) degree program in Adult and Lifelong Learning requires:

  1. Prior admission to the University of Arkansas Graduate School, which requires a separate application process.
  2. An earned baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  3. Formal application to the Adult and Lifelong Learning program requiring the following:
    • A completed Adult and Lifelong Learning (M.Ed.) application
    • A current resume or vita.

These documents should be submitted to the RHRC Coordinator of Graduate Services by email at

The admission decision is based on an evaluation of all admission criteria submitted by the applicant.

Additional Adult and Lifelong Learning Master's (M.Ed.) Degree Program Admission Information

    • Application Deadline:

The Adult and Lifelong Learning online master's degree program accepts applications throughout the year. Admission status will be reviewed at the time all materials are submitted and as long as there is space available in the program. However, all application materials, including all official transcripts and any required test scores, should reach the Graduate School at least one month prior to the date of registration.

    • Application deadlines are:
      • Fall semester, August 1;
      • Spring semester, December 1;
      • Summer sessions, April 15.


    • Any applications received after this date will be deferred to the following semester.

    • Process and Timeline:

Once an applicant’s packet (application, copies of transcripts) is received by the ADLL program from the Graduate School, it will be held until the ADLL admissions committee meets to review it. If the committee needs additional information, the applicant will be notified. A telephone interview with the committee and/or a writing sample may also be requested. All applicants will be notified of their admission status following the committee meeting. Allow 3-4 weeks for your materials to be processed.

Point of Contact:

If you have questions about whether your resume' and application have been received by the ADLL program, please contact the RHRC Coordinator of Graduate Services by email at, or by phone at 479-575-4188. Questions about Graduate School admissions status should be directed to Graduate Admissions at 479-575-4401.