Course Rotation



  • ADLL 5133 — Curriculum Development in ABE and ASE
  • ADLL 5153 — Organization & Admin of Adult & Lifelong Learning Programs
  • ADLL 5183 — Technology & Innovation in Adult Learning
  • ADLL 5193 — Seminar in Adult & Lifelong Learning
  • ADLL 5223 — Adult and Lifelong Learning Applied Project


  • ADLL 5103 — Diversity and Inclusion in Adult and Lifelong Learning
  • ADLL 5143 — Instructional Strategies & Assessment in Adult Education (Session TBD)
  • ADLL 5163 — Managing Change in Adult and Lifelong Learning (Session TBD)
  • ADLL 5193 — Seminar in Adult & Lifelong Learning-Coaching (Session TBD)


  • ADLL 5113 — Perspectives in Adult Education
  • ADLL 5123 — Principles and Practices of Adult Learning
  • ADLL 5173 — Program Planning


Students in the master's degree program in Adult and Lifelong Learning may take 3 hours of elective coursework with the approval of their advisor. These courses may be taken off campus at a different institution, or online or in person at the University of Arkansas. They must be master's or doctoral level (5000- or 6000-level) courses.

Many students opt to take courses from one of the other online graduate programs at the U of A. Like the ADLL program, many programs partner with the U of A Global Campus to offer courses through Blackboard.

Click here to go to the Global Campus' online offerings.

ADLL students have taken courses in programs such as Agricultural and Extension Education, Human Resource and Workforce Development Education, and Career and Technical Education (this program does not have a presence on the Global Campus' website).

Be sure to check the course rotation or UAConnect for each program to determine when a particular course is offered. Check also for any perquisite courses that are required.

Students also take courses offered by face-to-face programs at the U of A such as the Higher Education program.

If you have specific questions about any of these programs and/or their courses and whether they are appropriate for you, contact the program coordinator for that program, whose information can be found on their website, or email the course instructor.