New Student Checklist

Welcome to the program!

Now that you have been admitted to the University of Arkansas and will be pursuing a degree in Adult and Lifelong Learning, there are a few things you will need to do to establish yourself in the system and to ease your transition.

Once admitted to the program, you will receive an email from Graduate Admissions that will direct you to accept your admission in order to be granted registration privileges. To accept your admission, go to your Student Center in UAconnect. The link to accept your admission is located at the bottom center of the page. If you have not set up your UARK account and cannot access UAConnect, see #4.

If you are interested in receiving financial assistance, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 479-575-3806, or visit their website at:

As an online student, you are not required to submit immunization records to the University. However, you must contact the Pat Walker Health Center to inform them that you are an off-campus student. The Center may be contacted via telephone at 479-575-7723. You will not be able to register or enroll in classes until the immunization hold has been removed.

Every student has access to UAconnect, email and technological services through Information Technology Services at the University of Arkansas. Online students must use this account as this is the way the department and your advisor communicate with you.

To learn about your UARK account and to set up your email account, go to IT Services.

In the "Get Started" box, click on UARK Account. Follow the directions. This should be done as soon as possible after you have registered, as you will use the username and password you select to access Blackboard and your courses, as well as your email account. In addition to your username (ID) and password, you must write down your PIN number, as you will be required to use it in the future.

NOTE: As a graduate student in Adult and Lifelong Learning, you are expected to check this account regularly. All communication regarding the programs will be sent to your UARK account, including listserv messages.

Each student is assigned to a faculty advisor in the department your advisor will help you develop your Program of Study and advise you in terms of course selection. The advisor's name and email address will appear in the letter you receive from the department (not the Graduate School) notifying you of your admittance.

Contact your advisor by email to set up an advising appointment that will occur by phone, or face-to-face if you live in the area.

You and your advisor will discuss which courses are required for the program. You will register for your courses through UAConnect. You will use your UARK account ID and password to access UAConnect the first time, and then you will establish a password specific to that account.

Students can view their tuition and fees and make payments through UAconnect.

Type in your User Name and Password

*If you are eligible for the UA Employee Discount, please see the representative on your campus about tuition payment.

Textbooks can be ordered online through the U of A's Bookstore.

Hover your mouse over the 'BOOKS' link in the black banner at the top of the page and click on 'Buy/Rent Textbooks'. You will be prompted to respond the disclaimer and then select the campus, term, and the Department (ADLL). Click on the course number and section (if applicable) to locate the textbook(s) required for the course. Textbooks should be ordered as early as possible. The program recommends ordering from the U of A Bookstore rather than an alternate vendor to ensure timely delivery and to receive alerts about issues such as backordered texts. You do not need to wait until the class begins to order your books; they will be available through the U of A Bookstore several months prior to the first day of classes.

Blackboard is the online learning management system the department uses to deliver online learning. The department partners with the School of Continuing Education and Academic Outreach-The Global Campus-to offer this degree program. You will have acess to your courses on or just prior to the first day of class. Go to to sign into your courses with your user name and password.

Before you have access to your courses, you can go to the Blackboard tutorial to familiarize yourself with the system:

  • Go to
  • Click Preview as Guest.
  • At the top of the page click on Courses
  • On the Welcome page, click the name of the course under the My Courses column.

Other Useful Information