Frequently Asked Questions

The U of A Graduate School provides a wide-ranging set of FAQs.

How much will a master’s degree in Adult and Lifelong Learning cost?

The most up-to-date cost estimates for tuition and fees for the ADLL program may be found on our U of A Online page. Please note that students residing in other states receive in-state tuition costs unless the student takes an on-campus course. If you reside outside of Arkansas, do not enroll in an on-campus course without consulting your advisor.

How long does it take most students to complete this program?

Students have six years to complete a master’s degree at the University of Arkansas. The program can be completed in as little as two years by taking 6 credit hours each semester, including summer. You may take just one course each semester — and many of our students do — but if you are receiving financial aid you will want to make sure you are meeting the requirements established by the lender. The ADLL program is not involved in those matters, so questions should be directed to the campus Office of Financial Aid.

How many hours should I take each semester?

Most students are full-time working adults and take 1-2 courses per semester. Sometimes, students take one class their first semester in order to acclimate to the demands of the coursework.

Do I need to meet with my advisor before I register for classes each semester?

No, a meeting with your advisor is not required. Use the ADLL Program of Study to plan when you will take each class and forecast when you will finish. The Course Rotation web page reflects the tentative rotation of classes. Sometimes, classes are added to the rotation. However, consult your advisor before registering for an elective course in another degree program or a doctoral course. Email for information about elective courses. We recommend emailing your advisor to schedule an appointment. Advising meetings are held in person, by phone or virtually.

Am I required to come to campus at any point during the program?

No, but we would love to meet you face-to-face. If ever you are in the area and want to meet faculty and staff members, it is best to set up an appointment by emailing to ensure someone is available to meet with you.